Whitby Harbour

Although this watercolour is unsigned apart from a pencil mark on the bottom corner (possibly initials), it is clear that  it is in Archer’s own hand.

The colours are bright, with  a nice detail of a fishing boat moored up at the harbour side. The tide is out with a small rowing boat in the foreground. The Church of Saint Mary serving the town of Whitby, was founded around 1110, and can be seen in the painting. It is situated on the town’s east cliff, overlooking the mouth of the River Esk overlooking the town, close to the ruins of Whitby Abbey.

The colouring of the painting makes you feel as if it has been painted in the early summer evening glow.


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Whitby Harbour


MATERIALS: Watercolour

DIMENSIONS: 8″ x 6 1/2″ (20 cm x 17 cm)

PROVENANCE: In a portfolio of paintings as part of the private family collection, UK.

INSCRIPTIONS: Not signed but ha a pencil mark bottom right similar to a few other paintings

CONDITION: This watercolour is in good condition, but has drawing pin holes at the corners.



It is anticipated that some of Archer's paintings will be available to purchase as limited edition prints in the future. In the meantime permission has been granted to Paradis Terrestre Greeting Cards to produce high quality greeting cards from some of Archer's paintings.


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