White Cliffs

White Cliffs by Archer L Smith

A bright and breezy painting of white cliffs looking along the sea shore.It has great character with a summertime feel.

The location of the painting has yet to be established, but it look as though it may be on the south coast of the u.k. Photographic evidence may be discovered in the future.


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White Cliffs


MATERIALS: Watercolour on paper

DIMENSIONS: 7.25″ x 6″ (24 cm x 5.25 cm) 

PROVENANCE: In Archer’s portfolio of paintings as part of the private family collection, UK.

INSCRIPTIONS: No signature, maybe it was a working sketch.

CONDITION: Slight yellow ageing.



It is anticipated that some of Archer's paintings will be available to purchase as limited edition prints in the future. In the meantime permission has been granted to Paradis Terrestre Greeting Cards to produce high quality greeting cards from some of Archer's paintings.


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